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Over the years, July has been the month when all of Kamloops is engulfed in a dry spell. The month which begins with a day off, is hot and is slow moving. This is exactly the time when Real Estate rainmakers swing into action. 

This year, the month which celebrates Canada, hot dogs, blueberries and ice cream, saw notable developments in areas like PDP, MLS®, Webforms®, KADREA App and KADREA Hub.

KADREA also released 2 informational videos in collaboration with BC Cattlemen's Association in July. We take this opportunity to thank Mr. John Anderson (Director, BCCA) and Bree Patterson (Beef Production Specialist, BCCA) who took the time and initiative to be a part of these videos. 

Without further ado, let's get straight to topics that will be hot (just like July) for REALTORS® in the days to come.

1. KADREA to release PDP-related FAQ series in August

As you all know, PDP will change from January 01, 2020 onwards. The new framework will require members to complete 18 professional development hours in their two-year licensing cycle rather than 18 PDP credits. KADREA will be releasing an FAQ series on the same. In this series, the topics covered will be 3rd-party vendors, mandatory education (Legal Updates), self-directed courses etc. We assure our REALTOR® members of steps being taken to ensure that transition to the new PDP-system is smooth.

BCREA recently released the new logo for PDP. Check it out below:

2. BCCA and KADREA join hands for creating new informational videos on Property Management

KADREA, as a brand had never taken up video as a medium of communication. Therefore, when BCCA approached us with the idea of creating content around topics that concern our collective audience, we were excited, as we got to work on common topics such as Use of Water, Information on Open Range, Fencing etc. These were topics that they had valuable information on, and we had the audience/member base that would be interested in. We knew that if we could successfully collaborate on this, ours was going to be a long-lasting partnership.


What initially seemed like a far-fetched task, slowly started taking shape thanks to Bree Patterson’s sustained efforts. And, thankfully, the videos which eventually turned out to be better than expected, have been well received by our membership. For us this is a big leap in the direction of sharing interests with our audience and demonstrating sincerity towards building a deeper relationship with our stakeholders. Our aim is to take this a step further, learn from the response we receive and build engagement with a new audience base we create through the videos. Watch the two videos below:


3. Webforms® 2.0 to go live soon

July was a tough time for the developers of Webforms® 2.0. The platform was first released, rolled back and then released a second time, only to be rolled back. As many REALTORS® reported that certain forms were not available on the platform, this new software hasn't really seen the light of the day. In an attempt to expedite a Canada-wide release of the platform, Real Estate Boards are scrutinizing all the available/missing forms on the system as of now.   

KADREA staff have previously been a part of Webforms training sessions and would like to inform you that you will be able to use the platform without any errors and with all the correct forms very soon.

We will also be scheduling a training session on Webforms® by CREA trainer Lynn St. Germaine once the final version of Webforms 2.0 goes live.
4. All REALTORS and their team members invited for the KADREA HUB opening on August 21, 2019. 

--- Letter from KADREA EO, Trevor Koot

"At our September, 2018 strategic planning session, the KADREA board of directors envisioned the 
organization becoming a centralized resource, to members and stakeholders alike, for all things 
real estate and REALTOR® focused — the concept of the HUB was born.

Though being a HUB takes several forms, the physical aspect of the KADREA HUB is ready to be 
unveiled. Only ten months after the original idea, an interactive and technology supported space 
has been created for Learning, Innovation and Training (L.I.T.).

A key aspect of the decision to invest in the HUB was the opportunity it will provide us to better align 
with stakeholders to deliver learning and training opportunities to a broader audience. The HUB will 
be available to other community organizations that can benefit from a space to advance their 
mandate with members, partners and the community at large.

We invite you to an open house on Wednesday, August 21st from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Refreshments 
will be served and there will be a short 10 minute presentation of the various technical capabilities 
of the HUB at 10:30am. If you are not able to make it on the 21st, we would be happy to give you a 
tour at your convenience."

- Trevor Koot



BCREA launch new website

BCREA redesigned their old website to provide easy access to resources and information for boards and REALTORS®.  The website has gotten rid of the clutter and presents a refreshing and soothing experience for its users. The new website is blog focused and new content will be published weekly. 

BCREA release scam warning by Vancouver Police

Recently, some of our REALTORS® have been at the receiving end of a popular scam where the scammer poses as the boss/supervisor of a real estate company and asks employees to buy gift cards on the way to work in the morning. The scammer then directs the employee to peel off the sticker on the back of the gift card and send the activation code to a phone number or email address.  The scammer types in the activation code to their Google or Apple account and the money is immediately transferred and then disappears.  The employee brings the spent gift cards into work and discovers the boss was not involved.

If you receive a text/email from your boss/ company to buy gift cards on your way to work…
1. Phone your boss to verify if he/she has actually sent the message or
2. Bring the untampered gift cards to work to verify that is what they wanted and don’t peel off the sticker on the back of the card hiding the activation code.  At the very least you can get a refund from Google or Apple without handing the money over to the scammer.

We urge our members to be vary of such scams and be safe.

BC Housing demand Improves in July 2019

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports that a total of 7,930 residential unit sales were recorded by the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in July, an increase of 12.4 per cent from the same month last year. The average MLS® residential price in the province was $684,497, a decline of 1.6 per cent from July 2018. Total sales dollar volume was $5.43 billion, a 10.5 per cent increase from the same month last year.  
MLS® residential active listings in the province trended lower in July, down 3 per cent from June and 6 per cent from April on a seasonally adjusted basis. Active listings were up 12.4 per cent to 41,621 units on a year-over year basis, while overall market conditions remained unchanged from 12 months ago with the sales-to-active listings ratio at 19.1 per cent. 


CREA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) Days will take place at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa from October 6 to 8. Delegates who attend PAC Days will receive three Category C PDP credits. Find out more details about PAC Days on CREA’s REALTOR® Link® page:

Real estate practice –
On June 20, CEO Darlene Hyde, Vice President of Government Relations and Stakeholder Engagement Trevor Hargreaves and Senior Policy Analyst Norma Miller met with the Superintendent of Real Estate Micheal Noseworthy to discuss limited dual agency, commercial real estate and regulatory reforms.

Mr. Noseworthy noted that the Real Estate Services Act was expected to be amended in spring 2020 in preparation for a return to a single regulator framework, and he suggested the Association clarify its recommendations on all three topics. BCREA will have a follow-up meeting in the fall so our recommendations can be considered for the spring 2020 legislative session.

Agricultural properties –
On July 4, the BC Government extended the grandfathering period for placing a manufactured home as an additional residence for immediate family members in in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). ALR landowners have until February 22, 2020 to obtain all required permits and authorizations. Applications for additional residences to support farm use, including manufactured homes, should go to the Agricultural Land Commission.
Government news release:

Agricultural properties –
Landowners wanting to lease their land for farming can do so by connecting with farmers through the expansion of the BC Land Matching Program (BCLMP). The BCLMP intends to support young farmers and food processors and currently has 39 landowners matched with farmers.
Government news release:


Joining member

Leaving members

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2. Ali Burton (CRA)