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What an amazing time of the year this is. The fun of playing in the snow and the joy of festivities this month have only begun. It's cold out there but then there's the warmth of family and friends. Oh hey, did anyone say, the business is slow?

Well its business as usual for KADREA REALTORS®. The same entrepreneurial attitude and the same ardent zeal to excel! The same heart that loves, cares and gives back to our community. This is the 'Kind' of Christmas, KADREA members like to celebrate!

1. Kindness Kits Program for Christmas:

Every year, KADREA REALTORS® volunteer for a Christmas initiative in the month of December to support the community in whichever way they can. It's no big news that REALTORS® have come forward to donate, spend time and share the love with those in need. This year again, for Christmas, REALTORS® pledged their support to BCSPCA Second Chances Thrift Store to provide ‘Kindness Kits’ for those who don't have adequate clothing to keep themselves warm during winter.

In this campaign, REALTORS® packaged donated clothes into ‘Kindness Kits’ and just in a few hours they were ready with 155 kits for distribution. These kits were then sent for distribution to ASK Wellness. This target 150 kindness kits was achieved on 3rd December. To celebrate this passion to give back to our community, the holiday season and a very successful year, Kamloops REALTORS® assembled for the KADREA Christmas Social - held on Dec 9th at Red Beard Café. We are proud of all our REALTORS® who participated in this campaign.

Watch Kindness Kits Campaign video below:

  (in video: Bonnie McBride from Second Chances Thrift Store)

2. Managing Broker's Focus Group:

Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) is reviewing the role of managing brokers within BC’s regulatory framework. On Dec 2nd, 2019, BCREA facilitated a Managing Broker's focus group for KADREA's Managing Brokers to get recommendations on the OSRE's discussion paper. In October this year, OSRE published a consultation paper to challenge assumptions about the managing broker role and function. BCREA is working with member boards to consult REALTORS® so that we can make a submission to OSRE by their December 15 deadline. 

Read OSRE Consultation Paper here:

3. KADREA BoD Nominations open:

It takes a lot to be a REALTOR®. And even more effort and courage to be on the Board of Directors' team. KADREA opened nominations for 4 open positions towards the end of November 2019. Eligible and interested members are expected to fill up the consent form and file their nominations.

Click Here to know more & Download Consent Form 


1. WEBForms™ Legacy will not be available January 01, 2020 onward:

We will only have access to WEBForms® 2019, come January 2020. This means that REALTORS will not be able to access the transactions they have created on the (old) WEBForms™ Legacy platform. If you want these kits to be available to you, kindly have them migrated to WEBForms® 2019 using the following steps:
  •  In WEBForms® Legacy, click on the “Kit Name” you want to move to the new platform. Once it opens, a message that reads 'WEBForms 2019 Migration: This kit has not been migrated to WEBForms® 2019' will pop-up.
  • Click “Send kit to WEBForms® 2019” (on the bottom left-hand side under Apps)

    A message “WEBForms® 2019 Migration – This kit has been migrated to WEBForms® 2019” will then appear on the screen.

    The kit will be available for viewing and printing in WEBForms® 2019 but you will not be able to edit the kit.

2. PDP Changes come into effect on January 01, 2020:

As you all may already know, the Professional Development Program (PDP) is going to undergo some changes next year. 

From January 01, 2020 onward, REALTORS® will be able to undertake 'auditable' Self-Directed courses at their brokerage, online or via any source that can be verified by the board.

To know more on how the New PDP is taking shape and what does it hold for you come January, watch KADREA EO, Trevor Koot share his thoughts:

READ more

KADREA 2019 Round-up:

Given below is a sequence of events as they happened in the year 2019. Click below to get more information on 'A Path to Home' campaign in January 2019 to a successful KADREA Christmas Social in December 2019. This has been an exciting year for us.


Brokering a new deal for Managing Brokers

At BCREA's second annual Managing Brokers' Conference in October, Superintendent of Real Estate Micheal Noseworthy introduced a new discussion paper: "Reframing the Role of Managing Brokers in BC." The discussion paper is part of a managing broker consultation process by the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) that began in fall 2018 with a survey of licensees and a series of roundtable discussions.

Read More
New Anti-Money Laundering Initiatives in Development

The issue of money laundering continues to be one of ongoing governmental and public concern. BCREA have taken an active role in the Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering In BC, having applied and received formal standing to partake in the process and represent provincial real estate interests.

Read More


Canadian home prices up 8% in November, as sales rose 11% — CREA
Global News The Canadian Real Estate Association says November home sales rose 11.3 per cent compared with a year ago.

Despite recent sales spike, analyst predicts Greater Vancouver market will see more owners losing homes
Dane Eitel, the founder and lead analyst of Eitel Insights, says the market will get worse next year.

Canadian Household Borrowing Jumps By 31% As Real Estate Heats Up Again
Statistics Canada reported that household borrowing rose 31.4 per cent between the second and third quarters of this year.

BC home sales are "firming around long-term averages"
BCREA says that MLS sales in November rose 27.5% year-over-year to a total of 6,616 and the average price rise 5.5% to $746,939. Total dollar sales volume was $4.94 billion, a 34.4% increase from the same month last year.  

New Members:

Leaving Members:

1. Linda Heinen - Re/Max Kamloops
2. Jassi Sangha - C21DH