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So we have already completed two months in 2020 and it seems like the year has just begun. The sun is now giving some careful thought to the much needed warmth in the Kamloops Real Estate Market and things are springing back into action! REALTORS® of Kamloops & District have much to look forward to, especially the Annual General Meeting 2019 that's scheduled for March 10, 2020.

In this edition of the KADREA Newsletter, we will be looking back at Xposure Training videos, new courses and events, real estate news from across the country, the upcoming Period Promise campaign with United Way and the Pre-AGM package which was released recently.  

KADREA Update:

1. Xposure Training Videos:

Xposure trainings have begun in full flow and have garnered some positive attention from REALTORS® alike at SOREB and KAR. In the last couple of months there have been several trainings held at the KADREA HUB and members are now making full use of the valuable information being shared. These sessions are held every Wednesdays at the KADREA HUB in-class and also online. Watch previously held training sessions below:



Click here for tutorials on WEBForms® or Autoprop

2. New Courses and upcoming events:

Following is a list of all the upcoming events at the KADREA HUB. Kindly note: mandatory Legal updates enlisted below are to be registered with RECBC. The rest of the courses are offered by KADREA and can be used by REALTOR® members towards their two free courses this year.

As per the announcement made by KADREA directors in January, all members who were KADREA members as of Dec 31, 2019 are eligible to avail two free courses from KADREA this year.

NOTE: KADREA Members who will be attending the AGM are requested to register for the event in advance.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events & Courses

3. REALTORS pledge support for United Way's Period Promise Campaign:

Under the leadership of KADREA's Director of Member Engagement - Chelsea Mann, our members will be supporting United Way's Women's Day initiative from March 02 to March 13th.  

The idea behind this campaign is to propagate the idea that nobody should have to pick between feeding their family and being able to afford basic hygiene products. Nearly 1 in 4 Canadian women have struggled to buy period products for themselves or their children. United Way, in partnership with KADREA and other brands in the community have taken this up to help vulnerable women live with the dignity we all deserve by collecting feminine products and distributing it to those in need in Kamloops.

"Whenever Kamloops has needed caring individuals to come forward and support marginalized people, REALTORS® have managed to make a difference!", said Chelsea Mann - Director Membership Engagement. She added, "The initiative mobilizes local citizens to be a part of the solution by donating towards supporting the Period Promise campaign by United Way. We can give financially, or donate period products like tampons, pads, cups, menstrual underwear. We can also have a collection box at the KADREA HUB to collect donations."

To add donations to your monthly bill, call KADREA Office at 250-372-9411

4. Pre-AGM Package released:

KADREA AGM 2020 Details:

When: Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 8:00 AM until 1:30 PM
Where: Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Centre
1250 Rogers Way,
Kamloops, V1S 1N5, BC  
(250) 828-6660

We request all KADREA members to register for the AGM here: KADREA AGM 2020 - 3/10/2020

If you're unable to attend, download the Proxy form here: AGM 2020 Proxy Form 


BCREA Podcast Episode 2 now released:

Episode 2 of Open House by BCREA features a conversation with Shawn Fehr, Chair of the Board of the Insurance Brokers Association of BC. Fehr shares the reasons behind recent increases in strata insurance premiums and deductibles and offers tips for REALTORS® to help inform and protect their clients when dealing with transactions related to strata properties.

Click here to listen to Episode 2

No Judicial Leeway to Compensate Unlicensed Individuals Who Provide Real Estate Services:

How do the courts respond to unlicensed individuals who provide real estate services and seek compensation for the provision of these services? Not well, as it turns out. Read this month's issue of Legally Speaking to find out more. 

Also included in this month's issue of Legally Speaking is a brief update on the Wang v Shao case, which held that a seller was not obliged to disclose a death on the property when asked, "Why are you moving?" 

Read Full Article by Brian Taylor here

What are Suspicious Transaction Reports and how do they help stop money laundering?

A Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) is one of the most valuable ways REALTORS® can help identify money laundering. They’re also part of every brokerage’s compliance requirements. REALTORS® (and other professionals involved in financial transactions) are required to submit an STR to FINTRAC if they have reasonable grounds to suspect a transaction is related to money laundering. FINTRAC uses these reports to analyze transactions, assist in criminal investigations and uncover vulnerabilities to Canada’s financial system. For more on reporting suspicious transactions, review FINTRAC's online guidance and talk to your managing broker and/or FINTRAC compliance officer.

Review FINTRAC's Online Guidance here

Industry News:

1. Regional Sub-Market Data Now Available from BCREA Economics:

Expanding on the many resources offered by BCREA Economics, local market data is now available. Displayed in at-a-glance charts, the data shows current trends in home sales and prices in your area. Read more >>

2. The Strata Insurance Clause, and Other Ways to Help with Strata Transactions

Check out BCREA's new insurance clause and other ways you can help ensure your clients make informed homebuying decisions when entering the strata property marketplace. Read More >>

3. New Online Course on Cannabis Supports REALTORS® in Navigating Legalization

Cannabis and Real Estate: The New Paradigm is a new online course offered by BCREA, designed to help you address questions raised by the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. Read more >>

4. Organized Real Estate Successfully Lobbies for Modernizing the Home Buyers’ Plan

In a win for homeowners and REALTORS®, BCREA, the Canadian Real Estate Association, and real estate boards have successfully advocated for changes to the federal Home Buyers' Plan. Read More >>

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