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June Newsletter:

Hello everyone. Local businesses have re-opened, isn't that awesome! 

BC entered the re-opening phase only last month. New ways of doing business in Real Estate slowly taking its form, and Kamloops REALTORS® were seen particularly busy last month. They were attending courses online, conducting live tours, and doing everything in their capacity to complete a transaction in these testing times. Have a look at what's happened in June:

1. Market stats released in a new format:

Following much deliberation, KADREA released May 2020 stats in a fresh format. There were 3 components to this -

a. A sharable social media tile that captured 'Single Family' sales figures in Kamloops & District.
b. KADREA monthly stats press release.
c. CREA stats for Kamloops & District region.

You can access these files on the KADREA Market Stats page: 

Click here to view

Please note: June stats will be released on the 4th of July

2. PDP courses now being held online:

The month of June saw two accredited PDP courses held online and both these courses recorded good numbers. Looking at the way these courses were conducted, it can be said that online courses are here to stay. Courses will be available in different media types like audiobooks, recorded video, or as webinars. 

KADREA urges members to take these courses whenever available to stay updated in these changing times. Link to some of the courses that are now available are given below:

a. Radon and Real Estate: Understanding New Developments For Practice in BC (25% Off) - 2 accredited PDP hours

Choose between the following dates:
Wednesday, June 17th from 1 PM to 3 PM (Pacific Time)
Wednesday, July 15th from 1 PM to 3 PM (Pacific Time)
Wednesday, August 12th from 1 PM to 3 PM (Pacific Time)
Wednesday, September 23rd from 1 PM to 3 PM (Pacific Time)

Click below for more information and to register (you will be directed to the CREA Education Hub and payment will be required at the time of registration).

Click here for more information

b. Business Etiquette Audiobook

This Audiobook is narrated by REBGV’s Professional Standards Manager, Kim Spencer – who’s a long-time REALTOR®, broker and real estate educator – and also features interviews with a variety of experienced and successful REALTORS®. Once participants have registered and downloaded the phone app, they can listen to the course anytime and anywhere; in their car, walking in the park etc.

Click Here to Register

3. KADREA Ask the Staff:

During the pandemic, we launched KADREA online sessions who want assistance on a variety of topics such as Xposure, MLS®, bylaws, PDP etc. We will be discontinuing these sessions because of low engagement. If you want us to continue these sessions or if you have any suggestions, you can write to us at

CREA News:

1. COVID-19: Government Extends CERB, delays CEBA Update

In a busy week for government announcements, the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) was extended to ensure ongoing support for Canadians, while the initially proposed enhancements to the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) were delayed at the 11th hour.


BCREA Resources:

1. Covid-19 Reopening Dashboard:

The BCREA Economics team has created the COVID-19 Reopening Dashboard to help REALTORS® monitor the evolution of the BC economy as the province gradually reopens. This dashboard focuses on the sectors and activities that have been most significantly impacted by the pandemic and the province's subsequent state of emergency. 

Click here to Access

2. Covid-19 Resources for REALTORS®:

BCREA has created this dedicated page to help real estate boards and REALTORS® access resources related to real estate practice and the COVID-19 crisis. We will provide new information and resources as they become available. In addition to uploading new content here, we will send out email updates to all Realtors as needed.

Click here to Access

3. 25% Off All Online PDP Courses:

BCREA is helping REALTORS® invest in the future during COVID-19. From May 1 until July 31, we’re discounting all our online courses by 25%. Prices shown are the discounted rates.

Click here to Access

Membership update:


Leaving Members:

1. Rob Van Buren - Best West

2. Hartmann Li - Best West