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KADREA President Shares Thoughts With Council (RECBC)

Trevor Koot  | Published on 7/17/2018

July 5, 2018


Erin Seeley

Executive Officer

Real Estate Council of British Columbia


Sent by email:


Re: Feedback on New Rule Implementation and Public Awareness Campaign


Dear Ms. Seeley,


At a time when our industry is undergoing significant changes and, trusting you are open to constructive feedback pertaining to the Real Estate Council of BC's role in these changes, the Board of Directors at the Kamloops and District Real Estate Association (KADREA) thought it of value to share some thoughts.


Appreciating the fact that there were time constraints for all parties involved for an expedited role out of the rules, interpretation, education and forms, it can’t go without saying that the process did leave the industry confused, panicked and frustrated.


Notwithstanding the impact of these issues that, we can only assume, were felt by all stakeholders, it is paramount that we learn from this process and do better for all involved in the future. Knowing there are further recommendations to be satisfied from the IAG report, we encourage a conversation begin soon to determine a process that will work for all involved to ensure proper understanding and adoption of any new rules. Regardless of feedback about the rules themselves and the interpretation (though, we would expect continued conversation in this area as well), we would like to see a better plan formulated that will see a better roll out.


In addition, KADREA truly feels a missed opportunity related to the roll out is the public awareness piece. Where the foremost mandate of the RECBC is the protection of the public as it relates to real estate transactions, this cannot be a unilateral endeavor with all focus on the industry and the consumer being left in the dark about how these changes will impact them.


It is our understanding that RECBC is in the process of engaging a third party to present a public awareness campaign. Though we don’t know the details, we also understand that this is projected to have a January 2019 roll out. The weight of the importance of such a campaign demands an expedited initiation. We would like to see this become a priority and have a public awareness campaign launched no later than September 1, 2018. This would also allow an opportunity to learn from this process for any future awareness campaigns related to further changes.


Continuing to better the industry, increase professionalism, protect the consumer and create an environment for a prosperous real estate industry is the goal of all stakeholders. To achieve this to the highest standard, we need to do better. Communication between the stakeholders, communication with the industry and communication with the consumer is a great start. Let’s work together to create a plan that will identify the time and resources required to improve this process in the future.

We look forward to hearing your comments and discussing this in more detail at your earliest convenience.


Sincerest regards,


Doren Quinton

President, KADREA



Robert Holmes, Chair, Real Estate Council of British Columbia (

Darlene Hyde, Chief Executive Officer, BC Real Estate Association (

James Palanio, President, BC Real Estate Association (

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