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KADREA Announces new branding and website!!

Trevor Koot  | Published on 8/28/2018

The board of directors of the Kamloops and District Real Estate Association (KADREA) is very excited to unveil the new logo and website for the organization. Founded in 1973, KADREA has provided support and services to REALTOR® members in and around Kamloops for nearly five decades, assisting them to provide the best services possible to their clients and achieve business success.

We have seen recent changes to the real estate industry in British Columbia, which propelled a need and desire for KADREA to revitalize our brand, refresh our image and refocus our strategy. Changes to our core services and stakeholder engagement has already begun, this rebranding strategy just adds to an already successful change in direction.

Our Logo is the crucial building block of our identity, the primary visual element that identifies us. The signature is a combination of the symbol itself and our company name – they have a fixed relationship.

The KADREA Masterbrand or Corporate Logo comprises two elements, the logo symbol and logotype. The Logo Symbol is a powerful image symbolizing the association’s support to its members in the real estate industry. The Logo Type has been carefully chosen for its modern and yet refined, highly legible style, which has been further enhanced by the use of upper case letters for the short form name, “KADREA.” The corporate logo is presented through the use of colour as well as shape and form. The two corporate colours are Blue and Red. It is a fresh and appealing blend of colours chosen for their strong combination - modern - classic - timeless.

The public facing website ( has become a communication tool for KADREA to inform the public and REALTOR® members alike. With a “Current Listings” button on the home page and a “Business Directory” coming soon, consumers can easily search for REALTORS® and properties in the jurisdiction. The “Market Stats” and “Advocacy & News” pages will provide both members and public with updated, real time information related to the industry and KADREA’s involvement in it. Finally, the “Support” page will allow for a simple process for both members and the public to hold KADREA REALTORS® accountable and ensure quality professionalism is being upheld.

The KADREA board of directors looks forward to continuing to represent its members through changing times and navigating the advancements in the industry for the betterment of REALTORS® and their clients alike.